Robot Education 2

Humanoid Robot Course

Introductory Course 

Introduction to Humanoid Biped robot (Bioloid Premium robot). * REGISTER NOW FOR LIMITED SEAT FREE SESSION ON JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 *

This course introduces the student to the robot hardware components. The student will learn how the hardware components operate together for the robot to function.

This course introduces the Roboplus software which is used to program the robot. Student will see how the robot motion is programmed and will aslo learn to write a simple Roboplus task code.

Robot Game
Student will introduced to robot fighting competition e.g. Robo-One . There will be a short robot sparring session in this course.

Duration : 1-2hrs
Location : TBD
Date : TBD
Comment : Robots will be shared between students. Student is required to bring with them a laptop with Window Operating System.

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Intermediate Course

This course teaches student to build the robot using the kit. The student will learn more in depth about Roboplus Motion and Task code which would allow the robot to perform more intelligent functions.

Week 1 – Build the robot
Week 2 – Roboplus Motiion & Roboplus Task
Week 3 – Programming using infrared distance sensor
Week 4 – Programming using gyro sensor
Week 5 – Programming using the remote control

Duration : 2hrs x 5 weeks
Location : TBD
Date : TBD
Comment : A robot will be shared between two students (except in week 1 where the whole class will work together to build a single robot). Student is required to bring with them a laptop with Window Operating System.


Advance Courses *

Autonoums Walking
Robot Walking
Robot Turning
Robot Shifting
Robot Martial Art
Robot Fighting Competition Course 

(* Advance course is only available to student who had completed both the beginner and intermediate course)