Humanoid Robot Class



This is an introductory robot class for both kids and adults (in English or Chinese depending on students). Class is 100% free, subject to whoever register first subject and limited seat. Please fill in the detail above and press register. You will also need to confirm your registration via email. The aim is to bring robot culture to Hong Kong by teaching some basics on humanoid robot and letting the students to play with the robots. There will be some robot combat sessions and other fun activities. Email announcement will be sent once the location and date is finalised. * 

Introductory Course

Introduction to Humanoid Biped robot (Bioloid Premium robot).

This course introduces the student to the robot hardware components. The student will learn how the hardware components operate together for the robot to function.

This course introduces the Roboplus software which is used to program the robot. Student will see how the robot motion is programmed and will aslo learn to write a simple Roboplus task code.

Robot Game
Student will introduced to robot fighting competition e.g. Robo-One . There will be a short robot sparring session in this course.

Duration : 1-2hrs
Location : TBD
Date : TBD