Price List

Robot Price List English
Robot Price List English

International Price

Bioloid Premium : $1600USD
Bioloid GP : $3300USD
Darwin Mini : $700USD
Kondo KHR3 : $2200USD

Korean Kid Entry Robot    Korean Humanoid Robot    Korea Humanoid Fighting Robot    Japanese Humanoid Robot

Fully constructed robot
一 Lipo battery, charger, software, remote control
一 Korean Humanoid Robot & Korean Humanoid Fighting Robot has extra Zibee receiver & accelerometer
一 Robot Training To Get You Started a) Robot components explain b) How to control the robot to walk and fight using the remote control c) Brief introduction on how to program new movements onto the robot using a computer
- After sales support to get you going

Functions :
Robots can be programmed to walk, dance, figting, football and much more

Unclebob Robotics help you construct a robot and provide you training. We provide one stop solution to get you started even if you do not have any prior knowledge on robotics. We would teach you how to program special moves into your own robot.

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Requires full payment and 2 weeks to pre-order a robot.

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