Bioloid Premium

Bioloid PremiumBioloid_02


The Bioloid Premium robot is an educational robot system equipped with gyro sensor, IR sensor, and DMS sensor. Press this link for more detail on Bioloid Premium from the Robotis Company Website.

The users can build 26 types of robots, from a simple crossing gate robot to spider and humanoid robots and program the examples so that they can learn more about robot programming. (It includes the contents of Bioloid Beginner Kit)

- CM-5 (Main Controller) : 1 pcs
- AX-12+ (Robot DC Servo Module) Dynamixel : 18 pcs
- AX-S1 (Robot Sensor Module) : 1 pcs
- SMPS for external power (12V, 5A) : 1 pcs
- Rechargeable Batteries
(9.6V, Ni-MH AAtype√ó8) : 1 pcs
- Full Set of Frame
- CD with Software
- Assembly Manual (Quickstart)