Beginner’s course for Robot Competition

This is a tutorial I give to absolute beginners who will compete in the Korea Robot International Competition to represent Hong Kong Robot team. The video is in three continous parts. I was giving briefing to a group of friends in Hong Kong. The idea is to bring them up to speed for the Korea Robot International Competition.

Part 1. Simple explaination on the physical components of the Robotis Bioloid Premium

Part 2. Control Robot Using the remote

Part 3. Practice on Manauever

Part 4. Practice on Fighting

The kids had a great time. I am sure they still have a long way to go before able to win any prize in a competition. The must effective move is the wrestling move. There is a seperate tutorial on the keystrokes and what the program can do. You can download this program files and upload onto your Robotis Bioloid Premium Type-A Robot. You can also download the stl file for the claw which you can attach to the robot hand.